Why you must pray before marrying any man or woman


My marriage is just two years old. I work as an accountant in a secondary school. Two months after we got married, my husband collected my ATM card. My salary is N52,000. Whenever my salary comes my husband withdraws the whole salary, takes 30,000 and give me 22,000. He will still insist I use the money to buy things for the house and also for transportation to work. After three months, I asked him what he does with the money he will tell me he adds it to his business (Tailoring materials). I complained to my mum and she told me not to worry because he is my husband. Some months later, I told him I needed to change my wardrobe and get some new shoes for work that I would need all the money for that month. He called me a stupid woman that I should manage the ones I have. When I refused he beat me with his belt. I told my employer everything, then she told me to open another account that my salary will be divided into two, 32,000 in my old account and 20,000 in my new account. She said I should tell my husband that the school is downsizing and they are retaining me with the condition that my salary will be reduced by 20,000.When I told him, he didnt even bother. When my next salary came, he collected 25,000, and gave me 7,000. I was mad and asked him how he expects me to go to work? Then I also questioned what his own money is used for. He beat me badly and kicked my stomach. I miscarried the baby I was carrying. After I was discharged, he told me that if I ever question his authority again that he will disfigure me. This is someone I dated for 1 years 7 months with no form of violence. Though our church does not support visiting our intended husband alone so I didnt have the opportunity to study him the way I should. My mother had an accident and I wanted sending her money, I asked my husband that I will need 15,000 when my salary is paid. He told me that I wont give my mother anything because his mother needs a deep freezer for her fish business. I just didnt say anything. I sent some of the money I have been saving in the other account to my mother. A week later, his mum had an accident in a keke when she went to buy fish. He told me to take loan from my office so he can add to the one he has to treat his mum. I told him to use the one he has been saving from my salary and I won’t do what he asked me. And he should remember what he told me when my mum had an accident. Then two months into the lockdown he returned my ATM card because my salary was no longer coming. I told him to hold it that I won’t collect it again. He went in to bring his belt to beat me, I used the curtains pipe on the floor of the sitting room and hit his neck. He told everyone that I want to kill him. His people told me to apologize, I said over my dead body. On the open day of the lockdown, I got a car and packed my belongings and left him. I told the woman I worked as a nanny in the house after my secondary school about everything. She sent me 450,000 to get an apartment. Which i have done and moved in.My pastor said we should resolve the matter. For the first time in my life, I insulted my pastor and told him it shall not be well with him. I have apologized to my pastor, but I won’t go back to that devil of a husband. Now my mum says if I dont go back to my husband that it will break her heart and she may die because my mum is diabetic and hypertensive, my father is late. How should I convince my mum to understand that I can’t go back to that beast.What can she do?

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