Iord i have gone too far to turn my back at you 😭

Lord I will stay with you for life, even in dead I am yours.
May I not leave this mountain the same way I came..

Holy spirit you are everything to me, if there is anything I desire is not pulpit, fame or popularity kai😭
You alone I desire lord.

Lord I will stay and play this love with you, anything that want to sit in your place in my heart, Jesus take it away..

Lord I can’t turn my back at you 😭 I die chasing after you.

May I not get tired of loving you 😭 Kai, kai
Holy ghost I will stay with you for life

this path you are taking me is more than fame,
Help me lord, I have come to the end of myself..


Jesus bend my kneels to stay seeking you in my secret place.

If this is the cry of someone,
Can we pray
#Holy Ghost teach me to love you.

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