Can we cry to God to possess us as people are demon possessed? Can we cry to God to set us on Fire 🔥? To burn off our backsliding, our carnalities and restore us to our rightful mind.

Is number the measurement of success in Ministry? Is it the type of cars packed in Church compound on Sunday? Is it the way we dance and scream to a frenzy? Is this real Christianity?

Alas, we have been sold a dummy. Please go back and read books on Revival! Please go and read about the Early Church Fathers.

Oh Yes! We are lost IN Church! We are going to hell INSIDE the Church! Selah!

How can Church become a breeding ground for hell?

Excuse me for disturbing your breakfast. We are fallen fallen, out of step with God and we do not even know it! What a mirage!

Each one of us has a race to run, a path to walk and a battle to fight!

The Lord said to me, “Remind My Church that the adversary should not be taken for granted concerning what He said and the war that was declared in Genesis 3:15 before man came forth.”

Beloved, irrespective of your nationality and your educational background, we are at war with unseen barriers and persons without bodies. They are real and see us but we don’t see them. Stay awake from your slumbering and sleep, NOW.

Remain Blessed!


Evangelist Emmanuel Ogheneochuko Adiohwo
President – Heavenly Key Evangelistic Movement


Phone: +2347067092254, +2349075625484

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