Deep words of wisdom, can I talk to you?


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✔️ LOVE is not proven at the time all is WELL, Love is proven in time of difficulties, challenges and hard time @ If you can’t associate or cherish someone at the time He/She has nothing, please go and bury your head in shame by the time the LORD has lifted Him/Her; don’t even try to come near and pretend

✔️Medicine after DEATH is when you refused to help someone at the time of His/Her needs but you coming to help Him/Her when your help is no longer needed

✔️When you rejected & refused to take good care of your parents while still alive but at their DEATH, you built houses for them, kill cow and gather people to celebrate their burial

✔️If your loving GOD is as a result of you getting your prayers answered and getting testimony from Him, you will be so disappointed cuz God will deliberately not answer your prayers/cry most time, even in troublous time, just to prove your love and sincerity for Him @ Ask Joseph; God allowing Him to end up in prison after defending the Faith and God

✔️The secret of upliftment is selfless service to GOD and to humanity @ Beware of people seeking for what they want to get before agreeing to help others or serve God

✔️If you are not dead to self, dead to material things, dead to what you want to get, dead to your comfort before deciding to serve the Lord, you will soon expire and be disappointed and frustrated @ GOD IS NOT MAN – WHATEVER HE SAITH UNTO TO YOU, DO IT

✔️Even if you hate someone and you wish them failure, am glad to announce to you that GOD is not from your family neither is He from your village; HE BLESSES WHOEVER HE WANTS TO BLESS

  • Evangelist Emmanuel Ogheneochuko Adiohwo

ENDTIME Non-denominational Evangelistic Movement

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